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UPS tells us that the increase in holiday packages shipped is resulting in delays. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Main FAQ

How do I create a new account on Madeiramart.com?

What are my options in the "My Account" page?

How do I order online?

Where do I place my promo code when checking out?

What exactly does it mean when it says colorfast on your rayon card?

What should I do if the color runs on to my garment?

How do I embroider with metallic threads?

What do the care symbols mean?

How do I embroider with 60 weight thread?

How do I determine the right amount of thread to order?

How do I make a patch?

How do I make an appliqué?

What is a non-woven backing?

How do I decide which backing to use for my next project?

How do I use E-Zee Aqua® Water Soluble Topping?