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E-Zee Cut Washaway

Cut® Washaway Backings 

E-Zee Cut® Washaway 1.2 oz. is a soft and sheer backing that dissolve easily in water. It is ideal for stand alone lace, patches, emblems, applique, napkins, fleece and delicate fabrics. Perfect for applications where the back side is visible and requires that the backing be removed completely. Also used for Cutwork Embroidery.

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E-Zee Cut® Washaway Plus 1.9 oz. is a soft and sheer water soluble backing with pressure sensitive adhesive. The highly sophisticated adhesive works well with a variey of fabrics. It can be repositioned as needed and is fabric and needle friendly.

It is ideal for hoopless embroidery, as well as for embroidering on and  Lycra® and other highly stretchy fabrics. E-Zee Cut Washaway Plus 1.9 oz. is eco-friendly! 

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