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E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Just Right 3.0 oz. is a heavy weight, Cut Away stabilizer.
It has a lofty, super soft hand that is great for high stitch counts and high density
designs. This is ideal for full jacket backs and full front sweatshirt designs.
It is a backing that hoops well, helps to provide crisp designs, and will
maintain its shape after repeated washings. Use
with heavy fleece, knits and stretchy fabrics.
Available in both white and black.

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Just Right 3.0 oz.

 White 6.5" x 6.5" Pre-Cuts
• 250 pieces/pack
Reg. $12.45  $11.00

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Item# 30

White 8" x 8" Pre-Cuts
• 250 pieces/pack
Reg. $18.65  $17.00

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Item# 30-8.8-K

Black 8" x 8" Pre-Cuts
• 100 pieces/pack
Reg. $11.50    $10.00

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Item# 31

 White 14" x 15" Pre-Cuts
• 250 pieces/pack
Reg. $51.95  $50.00

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Item# 30-14.15-K


E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Just Right 3.0 oz.

     White 24" x 25 yards        

Reg. $23.50   $22.00      
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Item# 30-24-25-K      

Black 23" x 100 yards      
Reg. $96.95   $90.00      

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Item# 31-23-100B-K      

White 24" x 100 yards      
Reg. $74.95   $70.00      

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Item# 30-24-100-K      

Great for use on: 

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