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From thread to foil, Madeira is keeping
you in sight with its reflective products!


3M Reflective Applique

Manufactured to the exacting standards of 3M™, Scotchlite™ Silver Reflective Appliqué Fabric is your best choice when safety is a concern.


reflectra® Stitchfoil

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Let the light shine on your creativity with reflectra® Stitchfoil Appliqué Material! From sudden shine to surprising special effect, let your imagination soar with dazzling effects!




ORDER ITEM #127-502
Expose Luna to a bright light, then watch it shine like the moon. Off-white by day, ghoulish green at night, ideal for Halloween!



ORDER ITEM #982- Color 5500 yard Cones
ORDER ITEM #983- Color 1100 yard Spools
Metallic foil twisted into Supertwist #30 reflects light and gives a shimmering appearance. Perfect for costumes, highlights, making a point with shimmer and shine!