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Our popular FS Metallics feature a strong textured polyester filament core with a metallized polyester foil wrap.  Madeira offers FS Metallics in 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 20 and 15 weights for high speed embroidery and decorative sewing.

FS #50 is capable of spectacular shading and letters down to 4 mm high, just perfect for small lettering, fine monograms and filigree embroidery.  FS #50 can also be substituted in place of standard 40 weight thread in most designs.  FS #45 has excellent value due to the more economical aluminum coating, yet retains the strong and durable construction of the thread.  A reduction of the metallised wrapping allows the triobal polyester core to gleam, creating a two color antique glitter effect.  FS #40 is designed for use on the most challenging materials.  The combination of a razor-thin Polyamide core and its twist construction produces top quality and reliable working properties.  FS #35 is a versatile metallic thread of smooth structure which ensures trouble-free stitching at top speeds.  FS #30 is the most abrasion resistant metallic thread in the industry.  A true specialty thread developed for outdoor exposure, stone washing, chlorine and bleaching, plus harsh laundering at temperatures up to 203°F.  FS #20 is an elegant soft metallic thread made from velvety spun rayon wrapped by an extra fine metallised foil.  It is exceptionally gentle to the skin.  FS #15's three-ply construction allows for absolute durability for hard-wearing seams.  Its extremely high tensile strength produces trouble-free sewing on denim, sports goods and fashion items.