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Our Birmingham location will be closed today, while our Lenexa location will be closed until further notice.

Color Card

CLASSIC RAYON is ideal for most designs. Made from 100% viscose, it runs exceptionally well for embroidery on high speed multi-head machines. It is known worldwide for its high tensile strength and glossy luster. A soft hand is maintained, even with high stitch count designs. It is Oeko-Tex® certified.

Use for... 
Performance Wear
Everyday Embroidery
Normal Wear and Tear

Fashion ~ Stock Designs
A Soft Natural Sheen

For best results...
Use a #65/9 or #75/11 needle
Set the density at 4.0/.40

CLICK HERE for an Online Color Chart
CLICK HERE for a Needle Guide
CLICK HERE for a Density Guide

Direct heat and high temperatures,
humidity and sunlight must be avoided
when embroidery threads are stored.

Instructions for Normal Washing of Embroidered Garments 
Items embroidered with CLASSIC RAYON are best washed with mild detergent with no chemical admixtures at 140°F. Never leave damp embroiderd items folded or pressed together, especially embroidery that is being washed for the first time. Do not tumble dry unless the embroidered item has been thoroughly rinsed. Never wring out embroidered items. The lower the washing temperatures, the more important it is to thoroughly rinse the item. Iron embroidered items on the reverse side between two cloths with a steam iron, which is preferable to damp cloth ironing.

Washing at 203°F (boiling)
Due to their superior quality and color fastness, Madeira rayon embroidery threads can be washed at 203°F with heavy duty detergents. Use only those which do not contain bleaching agents, peroxides or optical brighteners as discoloration may result.

Special Considerations
If dye is released into the wash water, continue rinsing the embroidered item until the water runs clear. 

Remove stains with solvents that DO NOT contain bleaching or discoloring agents. Wash embroidered items immediately after using any stain remover.

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