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Our Denver, CO location will be closed Friday, 7/29. Please use Live Chat for any inquiries.


Not sure about which thread to order? For general use embroidery, use No. 40 weight in Classic Rayon or 100% polyester Polyneon. For small lettering and fine detail, use No. 60 weight. Madeira offers more Specialty threads than any other embroidery thread manufacturer.

Click here to learn more about Madeira’s Classic Rayon, 100% polyester Polyneon and Specialty threads.


Classic Rayon
Lustrous Sheen

High Shine

Frosted Matt
Matte Finish

Fire Fighter
Flame Resistant

FS Smooth Metallic

Supertwist Twisted Metallic 


Burmilana - Wool Blend


Burmilana - Cotton Blend

FS Soft Eco Metallic

Luna - Glow in the Dark


Monolon Monofilament


Color Card - Thread Charts