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Supertwist thread delivers sparkle, shine and the ability to stand out from the crowd.
Madeira's Supertwist is ideal for embroidery, festoon work, ornamental seams and many other decorative applications.  Supertwist is constructed from 30% metallized polyester and 70% polyamide.  The addition of Supertwist to your inventory can prove to be a wise investment, setting you apart from your competition.


Kit contains 10, 1,100 yard spools, a Madeira snip and 2 trays of Madeira #90/14 ballpoint needles in a plastic storage box.  For included colors please click on the item number below.



Supertwist Crystals Kit

Item # 983-10-CR

Included Colors

385 340 317 349 332
386 318 322 392 339





Supertwist Opals Kit

Item # 983-10-OP

Included Colors

311 303 301 308 315
302 305 307 309 310





Supertwist Harvest Kit

Item # 983-10-HV

Included Colors

257 28 114 256 274
255 30 14 252 319




Supertwist Gold & Silver Kit

Item # 983-10-GS

Included Colors

25 253 227 44 264
225 23 260 41 71




Supertwist Jewels Kit

Item # 983-10-JW

Included Colors

38 58 360 123 313
34 300 67 15 140




Supertwist Holidays Kit

Item # 983-10-HL

Included Colors

115 32 254 155 282
57 138 42 371 17




Supertwist Tropics Kit

Item # 983-10-TR

Included Colors

120 37 18 52 287
288 26 19 65 24




The following embroidery thread designs have been digitized
for Madeira's Supertwist #30 thread


Click here to download our Supertwist Gold & Silver .DST file FREE!
Click here to download our Supertwist Gold & Silver Run Sheet.
Click here to download our Supertwist Harvest .DST file FREE!
Click here to download our Supertwist Harvest Run Sheet.

About the Designer
These designs have been digitized by Dakota Collectibles for Madeira's Supertwist #30 thread.  Dakota Collectibles, world's largest supplier of stock embroidery designs, provides the embroidery industry with over 20,000 designs and superior customer service.  Visit
www.dakotacollectibles.com and www.gonutsgocreative.com to view their top quality embroidery designs.

Click here to download our Supertwist Tropics Fish .DST file FREE!
Click here to download the Tropics Fish Run Sheet

Click here to download our Supertwist Peacock feather .DST file FREE!
Click here to download our Supertwist Snowflakes .DST file FREE!

About the Designer
Clocking in as the eighth person in the U.S. to purchase a Compucon Digitizing System back in 1993, Pat Williams fell in love with the art of digitizing. She turned her talents, and her company Image Embroidery, from doing the embroidery, to digitizing it. An award-winning digitizer, Pat began beta testing and leading digitizing seminars for Compucon in 1997. In 2001, Walter Floriani presented Pat with the Embroidery Educator of the Year Award. She wrote a digitizing lettering class for Embroidery University, leads seminars at the Imprinted Sportswear Shows, and is a contributing writer for Impressions Magazine. Pat specializes in custom digitizing services and in serving the industry as a consultant.



 Please note: While spool sizes may vary in each kit, actual thread yardage will always be 1,100 yards of first quality Supertwist
No other discounts apply.  Color substitutions may occur.  Ships from: California, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas only.
Pricing listed above is wholesale pricing.