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Madeira now has

14 Nationwide



Madeira USA Great Plains
9900 Pflumm Road Unit 66
Lenexa, KS 66215

Customer pick up hours
for this location

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:
 9 am - 12 pm 
& 1 pm - 3 pm EST
1 pm - 3 pm EST

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Recorded Webinars on:

  • Embroidery Techniques for
    Increased Visibilty!
  • Embroidering on Caps!
  • Think Light with 
    Performance Wear!
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New Threads!


Polyneon #75

The thinnest in the 
Polyneon line of thread.

• 40 shades 
• 1,100 yard MSCs
• Color Card Item #100-82

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Polyneon #40

Tunnel Dry

Available in Black and White, this newest addition to the Polyneon
#40 line can with stand the higher temperatures endured when mixing embroidery with screen printing.

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Tunnel Dry





• Cotton Blend embroidery thread
• Very Soft, high cotton content

• Color Card Item #100-69
• Available in 72 Colors!
• Great for Filigree &Fringing,
• Special effects and more!

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New E-Zee Backing & Topping


E-Zee Weblon
No Show Fusible

~A 1.65 Cut Away 
Backing Finisher with a
Heat-Activated Adhesive


Available in Black & White


• 250 Piece Packs 
• 7.5” x 8”


NOW available in ROLLS 

• 20” x 100 yards

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and order products now!

It is ideal as a backing finisher that is applied
to the back side of finished embroidery to
achieve a soft and smooth feel against
the skin. Available in both white and black.




E-Zee Cut Performace is a low profile and
constructed, making it ideal for unstable
fabrics. Especially great for performance 
garments made of slippery polyester fabrics.

Check out the clarity achieved with the
use of E-Zee Cut Performance stabilizer 

E-Zee Cut Performance

~A woven Cut Away stabilizer

Available in Black & White


• 250 Piece Packs 
• 7.5” x 8”


NOW available in ROLLS 

• 20” x 100 yards

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and order products now!



E-Zee Cap® Supreme

~A 3.0 oz. high quality,
heavy weight Tear Away 

Cap Stabilizer

Available in White


• 250 Piece Packs 
• 4” x 7”


NOW available in ROLLS 

• 4” x 150 yards

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and order products now!


This Cap Stabilizer tears away easily
and cleanly causing little to no stress
on the design and fabric.

Available in both white

Click Here to view a webinar on
digitizing and embroidering on caps.




Bodybuilder 3D Foam - Hard

E-Zee Bodybuilder 3D Foam is used
to create a 3D embroidery effect on caps, jackets, bags, aprons and other stable fabrics. 

Available in Black & White

• 15.75” x 11.75”

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E-Zee Weblon No Show
1.5 oz. Black

Now available in ROLLS 

• Black
• 20” x 50 yards


• Black
• 250 Piece Packs 
• 7.5” x 8”

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New size ROLL Available

E-Zee Heat Seal 4220

~A 5 mil. double-sided,
heat-activated seal


New Size ROLL Available!

• 19” x 10 yards

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product with details!



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Newly added: 
E-Zee Heat Seals 
& Heat Laminate 
Check out page #2

New Bobbins

Madeira Magnetic
Sided Bobbins

for Consitent Tension

NOW available in Black!

• Available in both White and Black
Style 'L' 
• Magnetic and Paper-sided
• Filament Polyester
• 124 yards per bobbin
Prefer White

• 134 yards per bobbin



Madeira Sideless Bobbins
with extra yardage! 

150 yards per bobbin

• White, Style 'L'
• Sideless
• 150 yards, 144/box

• Filament Polyester



Madeira Plastic-sided Bobbins
for Visibility!

• White, Style 'L'
• Plastic-sided
• 120 yards, 144/box

• Filament Polyester

New Madeira Needles

100 per box

Recommended for Madeira's #60 and #75 threads.

Item #102-60-B

Sharp Point
Item #102-60-S

#80/12 San8

100 per box

Use as an alternative 
to a DBxK5 #90/14. 
This San®8 #80/12 
needle is thinner
with a larger eye. 
Recommended for Madeira's FS #30, 
FS #35, FS #45 and 
Supertwist #30 threads.

Item #102-80-SAN8



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Than Ever!


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